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Garlic and anchovy dip, anchovies
Veal sweetbread fritters
Veal blanquette, Chicken blanquette
Poultry with or without sauces
Lamb skewers, Tandoori chicken skewers, Guinea fowl suprème skewers
Stuffed tomatoes with tuna

Chicken and three Pepper omelettes
Squid or baby squid cooked in its own ink, Stuffed squid
Cargolade – char-grilled snails with garlic butter
Beef carpaccio
Meat platter, Catalan meat platter, Dried sausage

Curried shin of porc, Pork ribs
Veal liver paté
Lobster in a tarragon cream sauce, Oriental-style salmon
Braised ham
Four Seasons pizza, Pizza Suprème, Onion tart
Catalan pasta salad, Rocket (UK)/Arugula (US) salad



Grape varieties : Grenache noir 50%, Syrah 50%.


Terroirs : our terroirs of Tautavel and Maury express themselves in this wine through their different soils : schisteous limestone and clayey limestone.


Vinification : the harvest is carried out by hand with the use of shallow crates. The grapes are then table sorted. Short maceration of a few hours and bleeding (saignée). Temperature controlled fermentation (18°C) in stainless steel vats.


Treatement : fining and filtering before bottling.


Storage : Drinking within 18 months to enjoy its freshness.


Tasting notes : with a lovely grenadine colour, this « gourmand » rosé develops fresh red fruit aromas: raspberry, strawberry and red currant. The mouth expresses youth and freshness, and a fruity and round finish. This wine will be a delightful accompaniment to fishes, hams, white meats and cheeses. Serve at 10-12°C.


Packaging : traditional white burgundy-shaped bottle, natural cork, personalised cardboard-box of 6 bottles.


AOC Côtes du Roussillon

Geographic location: 118 communes in the P-O. A vast amphitheatre limited to the east by the Mediterranean, to the south by the Massif des Albères and Spain, by the foothills of Canigou to the west and by the Corbières to the north. This territory is traversed by three rivers- the Agly, the Têt and the Tech- which have sculpted staggered terraces from the surrounding hillsides.
Surface Area: 5 329 hectares

Colour: White, Rosé or Red

Grape Varietals: A blend of at least two varietals for Côtes du Roussillon White, Rosé and Red:
- Principal red/rosé varietals: Carignan Noir, Grenache Noir, Syrah and Mourvèdre.
- Principal white varietals: Grenache Blanc, Macabeu, Roussanne, Marsanne, Vermentino and Malvoisie du Roussillon.

Terroir :
- Sandy granite and gneiss, brown and black schist – in the Agly river valley to the northwest and at the foot of the Albères.
- Chalky red soils from the alluvial plain at the foot of the Corbières.
- Clay-sand molasses in the Aspres and rocky terraces along the riverbanks.
Maximum authorised yield: 50 hl/ha

Production : 172 616 hectolitres

Comprised of : 67 540 hl as Côtes du Roussillon Red, 100 238 hl as Côtes du Roussillon Rosés et 4 838 hl as Côtes du Roussillon White.


Grenache (or grenache noir) is a spanish grape varietal
A high quality grape, it produces powerful, colourful and unctuous red wines, aromatic and silky rosés and highly sugared fortified wines, known in France as Vin Doux Naturel or VDN, with an important potential for long ageing.
Grenache is extremely vigorous in growth and drought resistant.
It is present around the whole Mediterranean rim, in the vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon. This fast growing varietal must be short-pruned (goblet or cordon) It is suited to slightly acidic gravelly soils (schist, shingle). In our vineyards it produces from 20 to 40 hl/ha.
Grenache is the mainstay of our structured and aromatic wines for laying down.
Syrah, or syrah noir, is a red French grape varietal originally associated with the northern Rhône. These days with the rapid growth in its plantation, it is starting to become a worldwide varietal. In the Northern Rhône it is the only grape authorised for the production of Cornas AOC .It can be blended with Marsanne and Roussanne grapes in the wines of Crozes-Hermtage, Hermitage et Saint-Joseph, and with viognier in the red wines of the AOC Côte Rôtie (according to a decree of December 21st, 1966, “Syrah must constitute at least 80 % of the weight of grapes placed in tank to be have the right to be called AOC Côte Rôtie”).
Outside its region of predilection, this grape was been neglected for a long time, due to its poor yield and sensitivity to certain diseases. This is no longer the case and syrah now stretches along the whole Rhône valley, in Provence, and Languedoc-Roussillon and the south west, notably replacing carignan which has received a somewhat unjustly tarnished reputation. Plantation passed 1 600 ha in 1958 and was more than 37 000 ha in 1994 (more than half of which was in the Languedoc-Roussillon). In 2006, the planted area had reached 67 592 ha.


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